7F Ranch is owned by Barbara and Mike Dickerson. It is located in Joaquin Texas next to the Louisiana border. Barbara has had goats most all of her life. Her grandmother also raised goats. She started out raising Pygmies. She was introduced to the Fainting goats in 2000 and became hooked. Today she has a herd of around 40 goats. She is currently in the mist of her breeding season. Barbara spends lots of time with her goats and it shows. They are very friendly, healthy and happy goats. She has a swing that she enjoys sitting in to watch them play. She gives them treats by calling out loud “treats, treats” and they come running.

Barbara prefers polled or disbudded does. If the doe is not born polled she will disbud it. Due to the bad scurs that males can get; she doesn’t disbud her boys. She doesn’t care if the bucks have horns.

Barbara loves colorful goats instead of just plain black and white ones. Chocolates and reds seem to be her favorite. She does however insist on good conformation over color.

Barbara has been showing her goats for 3 years. She owns Bakken’s Farm Mighty  Max who became AFGO’s first permanent champion.

Barbara breeds only pure historically correct Fainting goats. She registers all her goats with the American Fainting Goat Organization “AFGO”. She believes in their vision for the breed and if proud to be part of a Faith based registry.

Babies are just now arriving at 7F Ranch. Visit her to see all her goats and the babies! She will have babies for sale and from time to time she may even have an adult for sale.  click the link below to visit her farm

7f Ranch

Always lots to do at 7F Ranch. Look at all those babies. Kids have started arriving for 2014.

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Babies are so cute!!

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Mike Dickerson is showing Max at one of the AFGO shows. He is now a permanent champion!