Texas Free Falling Farm is the herd name belonging to Julie Cassidy. She picked out her name because she likes Tom Petty’s song “Free Falling”. Julie said it was  perfect since her goats are always falling down! Julie has some really nice goats. She started out raising the Nigerian Dwarf Goats. Later she fell in love with the Fainting goats too! She now has a few of each.

Her favorite doe is a Titan Farms Doe she calls Betty Boo. She is only a few points away from earning her championship title as a miniature doe. Betty is 20″ tall. She is polled with blue eyes. She also has some longer skirting and is able to show in the Hippie classes. For the past 3 years Julie has dressed Betty up for the American Fainting Goat Organization’s costume class and Betty is always willing! Betty also went to Ag Day last year to visit the children.

Julie also has a little wether that she is now using as a therapy goat. His name is 7F Ranch Rio. Rio was born super sweet. He was originally part of the wether futurity program. The children that had him ended up ask for AFGO to rehome him so she went to live with Julie! They make a great team. Julie and RIo have already received 2 Grand Champions and the team is looking forward to earning a  Wether Championship in the future.

Julie is the Co Author to the book Fainting Goats; Kids At Play. She did all the photography work and came up with many of the captions used.

Julie also owns a few rabbits and chickens. She really enjoys her polish hen “Lou Lou” best. Julie also has a Livestock Guardian Dog she named Destiny and 2 outside dogs Cody and Hunter. Julie has 2 small inside dogs called Sugar and Angel. Angel is NO Angel!

Julie is a big baseball fan and her favorite player is Hunter Pence. Hunter plays for the San Francisco Giants team.

When Julie has time she also enjoys fishing and shopping! There just isn’t much time with a farm and animals.

julies book










This is Macy. Macy was Julie’s first goat. She was a bottle baby. She is a Nigerian Dwarf.

macy at christmas






This is Julies Dogs.

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This is Betty Boo

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This is Rio

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